Theatre Tech

Our Theatre Tech Program is designed for the students who's first love is theatre. Our Theatre Tech classes split the season with Acting and Vocal class. They will work as a class to improve both skills. We also offer a Theatre Dance class which is designed to give the students the basics of Musical Theatre, Jazz and Tap in a supportive and fun environment. We want to help give our students the basics to allow them to get through any audition they will face. If students have more technical prior experience, we encourage taking our Musical Theatre, Tap, Ballet, Jazz and any other classes we offer. The more experience the theatre students can bring to an audition, the more likely they are to succeed.

Razr Dance Academy will present an end of season Theatre Performance. All Theatre Tech classes will also perform one song in the Dance Recital. Each student will be required to purchase one costume, which will be billed in December and due with the January tuition.
For more detailed information please check out the Theatre Performance Page and the Recital Info Page.

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