Revolution Dance Academy
Mission Statement


Riitta O'Connor & Bryan Steele, along with the entire faculty and staff of RDA, operate with respect for the art and heritage of dance and theatre as performing arts.

We are committed to professionalism and excellence in our facilities, classes, faculty, administration, annual performances and general operations. We share in the joys and challenges of dance and theatre education in a disciplined, yet positive and supportive environment. We encourage the development and full self-expression of each student, regardless of age or experience.

RDA offers classes from ages 18 months through adult and from beginner to professional levels. With programs for students wishing to dance recreationally, competitively or have physical and developmental disabilities, we have made it our mission to offer the highest and most extensive training in the performing arts to every student we teach. Whether you are planning on a career in the arts or are just taking class for fun, everyone deserves to be exposed to a wide range of education, technique and performance. This is what our amazing faculty and guest artist have to offer...