RDA Events Page                                                

This page is to "Show Off" or promote events ...
for RDA students and their families. 

Please give any information you would like to post to the front desk.

Looking for some AMAZING Classes?
Rebel Dance Alliance
will be holding a Convention at the Westford Regency
October 14th & 15th

Guest Teachers from around the country will be sharing their knowledge and passion. 

  • 4 Age Levels
  • Great Scholarship Program
  • Free Workshops
  • Register at RDA Front Desk'

Visit the Rebel Dance Alliance website for pricing and more details.


RDA Dancers Volunteer ...

Many of the RDA Dancers are volunteering and helping make our community better and bringing awareness to several amazing non profit organizations.

Abby C.

Blue Sky Day in Boston

This event was October 1st and brought awareness to Rett Syndrome.
Abby participated and worked with a young girl and her family who has Rett Syndrome. The event was a huge success and an eye opener for Abby, she looks forward to helping out this wonderful organization in future events.

Maddie F.

Raining Cats and Dogs

Maddie will be choreographing the Musical for the Littleton Middle School. This volunteer work is part of the schools program to foster community leaders who strive for excellence and prepare each student to be a contributing member to society.

Sydney W.

Youth Ambassador for
The Joseph Middlemiss Big Heart Foundation

Sydney volunteers for many of the foundations events, including face painting, checking in volunteers, participating in the events and even supporting through her dance, She has also joined the best buddies club at her High School and will be walking for Breast Cancer and Walk for the Poor. She has done many all you need is love missions, which are random acts of kindness.