Razr is proud to present our Progressive Dance Program
for children ages 3 - 12
with physical or developmental disabilities.

Class Details

  • * Our Progressive Dance Program is designed for girls and boys ages 3-12 with physical or developmental disabilities.
  • * Our goal is to enrich these young dancers lives through the  exploration of dance, games and  movement.
  • * Razr Dance hopes to pass on the basics of dance while incorporating social skills, the use of  imagination and personal expression.
  • * Classes are taught under the guidance of teachers trained in special needs education
    • + The staff member teaching this program is experienced in ABA, as well as CPR and first aid certified.
  • * Parents / Guardians are welcome to stay in class or watch from our lobby on closed circuit  monitors, depending on your child's comfort level.
  • * Classes are one day / one hour per week for $58 a month.
  • * We would love to have this program perform in the Dance Recital in June.
    • + We will make the decision in December.
    • + If we go forward with a performance piece there will be....
      • ** A costume billed to your account
      • ** Extra rehearsals