• Students must audition for a placement onto the RDA Company

Once excepted onto the RDA Company all dancers are expected too ....

  • All Company members are expected to adhere to all rules and regulations of RDA at all events.
  • Company members will be assigned specific class levels.
    • These levels are assigned based on age, technical level and commitment.
  • Class room attendance is mandatory.
    • We encourage Company member to call in when they will be absent from class.
    • Absences due to homework must be called in by the parent.
    • Members are allowed three unexcused absences, in each required class, per season.
    • Four late arrivals will count as a missed class.
    • RDA will notify parents if there are excessive absences.
  • Company rehearsals are mandatory.
    • Company members must notify choreographer if they will be absent.
    • Absences due to homework must be called in by the parent.
    • Members are allowed one unexcused absence, per dance.
    • If more than one absence occurs a dancer may be taken out of a section or sections of a dance.
    • If multiple absences, a dancer may be taken out of the entire dance. No refunds will be issued.
  • Black fitted dance wear must be worn in every company rehearsal.
  • Solos, Duo-Trios are considered "extra" dances and should be treated as a luxury.
    • "Extra" dances are given based on audition scores.
    • Teamwork is out #1 goal, so dancers must compete at least three group dances before they are rewarded an "Extra" dance.
    • If a dancer drops a group number after placement is announced they will also have to drop their "extra" dance.

   All Company Rules                                                    


  • Mini Monsters and Comp Nouveau companies are invite only and do not audition.
  • RDA will hold placement auditions every Summer for the RDA Company.
  • One Audition Form per dancer must be filled out, signed and brought to audition.
  • The dancers audition is used to place the student into appropriate groups.
  • The audition is used to place dancers into appropriate class levels.
  • If a dancer scores high enough they may be allowed to compete a duo-trio or solo.
  • RDA does not guarantee placement onto the RDA Company.
  • Dancer should arrive early to stretch and get ready to dance full out.
  • Dancers auditioning must wear proper attire;
    • Hair should be tightly pulled, up, and slick back off face.
    • Black, tight fitted dance attire should be worn.
    • Bring all shoes, Ballet, Tap and foot undies or turning shoes.
  • Dancers will be given;
    • A Ballet combination
    • Technical across the floor combinations on both the right and left side.
    • Jazz / Musical Theatre combination.
    • Contemporary / Modern combination.
    • Tap combination for those wishing to compete tap.
    • Musical Theatre Improv, if time allows.

Click for Current Audition Form

Saturday, July 29th

8-12 yrs  ~ 9:00am - 12:00pm

13+  ~ 12:30 - 3:30pm