Mini Program
Ages 2.5 ~ 6.5

Monthly Themes

September     Broadway Kids
October                  Spooky Fun
November        Animal Action
December                  Winter Wonders
January       Story Time
February             Be Mine
March           Follow the Rainbow
April               Showers Bring Flowers
May     Underwater Explorers
June                             Beach Babies

Tumble Tots
Do Not Perform in Recital

Creative Movement Classes Perform in Recital

Dancing Dynamics Classes Perform in Recital

Mini Hip Hop Classes
Perform in Recital

Broadway Babies Classes Perform in Recital

Our Mini Program is designed to start introducing young students to the art of dance and tumbling. All our Mini classes are fun filled and fast paced to keep each and every student engaged and having fun. They will work both their fine and gross motor skills, listening, and teamwork. Our staff loves working with this age group and will help teach our young students their skills and share their passion and knowledge in each class.

There is much repetition in class to help them create the muscle memory needed to keep progressing. To help keep it every changing and fun, we have different monthly themes, music and props. These themes will be in each and every Mini Class.

Most Mini Program classes will perform in the recital, unless otherwise noted. Each class performing will require one costume, billed in December and due with January tuition, one pair of coordinating tights and the required shoes. All our styles are listed on Dress Code Page. All students must have their shoes by January. Visit Recital Page for all information.

Classes offered for our Mini's

Tumble Tots
2 ~ 4yrs

A fun filled class focusing on the basics of tumbling. Each class starts with stretching and learning some basic dance movements and positions. They will then learn movement steps traveling across the floor, movement based songs. Then each class will have an obstacle course, which is where the tumbling elements are taught. They will have a blast in this Parent and me class, or if they want to take the class alone we will engorge and support them.

Creative Movement

2.5 ~ 4.5yrs

This class starts the student on their journey in Ballet & Jazz. They will start each class with stretching and learn their basic Ballet positions and movements. They will learn steps traveling across the floor. Then a portion of the class is where they learn some basic jazz step, across the floor movement and mini combinations over a month's time.

Broadway Babies

2.5 ~ 4.5yrs

Our Creative Movement Class that incorporates song and dance. Each month they will sing a song and learn a dance based in the monthly theme. They will have a blast and explore more than just dance.


Dancing Dynamics

4.5 ~ 6.5yrs

In Dancing Dynamics, our goal is to step the discipline and speed up the pace of the class. They will have a more structured Ballet class and the second half of the class will introduce Jazz & Tap, which alternate monthly.

Mini Hip Hop

4 ~ 6.5yrs

A class which introduced the young dancers to the high energy and fun world of Hip Hop. We keep our Hip Hop music, movements and styles age appropriate. This is a class that will help them shed extra energy!

Mini Acro

4 ~ 6.5yrs

A class which introduced the young dancers to the basics of tumbling. They will work on stretch, strength and tumbling skills. Core strength is a major component of this high energy fun filled class.

Mini Acro Classes
Perform in Recital

Due to Covid-19 restrictions we will not be offering the following classes in the fall.
Tumble Tots
Broadway Babies

But Weill get them back on the schedule soon...please email if interested in registering.

Super Fun Mini Summer Programs

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