Razr Dance Academy has three competitive companies. These companies are designed for dancers of varying technical and commitment levels. We enjoy offering the competition experience to all of our students. We feel competitions offer young performers the opportunity to grow as artists. Company dancers develop a strong sense of teamwork, and improve time management skills. They will connect to other dancers across the country that share their passion. Competition creates new and lasting friendships with students both at RDA and throughout the competition world. Competition ultimately gives our dancers more performing opportunities, increases their performance qualities and if choosing to make dance / theatre arts their career, great networking. 

RDA Company Dancers are expected to uphold the highest level of professionalism both in and out of the studio.

RDA Company Dancers have specific class and rehearsal requirements.

Please click on the Company Names listed below to find out more information on each Company.

All company dancers and their parents must sign a contract each season.
They must read the Company Rule & Regulations, as well as the Studio Rules.

Click for Image of Company Jackets & Size Chart

IF you wish to order a jacket the order must be made by October 15th.
I will be placing only one order this season.