This tumbling class covers beginning through intermediate level gymnastic elements. Our Acro program is divided into three levels.  All Acro levels do not coincide with the students technical level for dance class.
All participants will be evaluated in the first few classes and placed accordingly

Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms. Its meticulous attention to technical detail makes it an important class to help dancers progress. This class consist of Barre and center work, concentrating on proper technique and body alignment. Ballet terminally is taught as well

Creative Movement
This class is an introduction to dance through imagination and self-expression. Creative Movement is design to develop coordination, rhythm and flexibility. The students will learn in monthly themed classes. The class is Ballet based and will include a portion of Tap weekly. This class is designed to be fun and promote classroom readiness.

Dancing Dynamics
Our Dancing Dynamics class focuses on readiness to enter the Junior Level Classes. This class continues to develop coordination, rhythm and flexibility in a fun but structured class. The students will work on focus and self motivation. The class will include a portion of Tap and Jazz, alternating weekly, along with Ballet. 

This class is blend of high energy "Street Style" movements, to a variety of current music styles. Technique, strength and flexibility are taught along with fun current styles of Hip-Hop. Hip-Hop is a "style" based class and each teacher offers their own "flavor" of movement. It is a hard hitting workout for all!

In the class student will be creating their own spontaneous movement. They will be guided through movement based "games", ideas and imagery. Through these exercises students will learn to free Their bodies and minds. They will explore different ways they can create movement, pictures, express emotion and tell stories with their bodies. All that is required for this class is an open mind.

A stylized form of dance based on fundamental Ballet training. The class focuses on proper technique, strength and flexibility. The class format includes warm-up, across the floor progressions and combinations. Jazz terminology is taught as well.

Similar to Ballet with some Jazz movements, Lyrical is an expressive style of movement. Class format includes warm-up, across the floor progressions and combinations focusing on using the lyrics and emotions of the music being used. Graceful flowing movements are the definition of Lyrical.
Ballet class is strongly suggested for all students taking this class

Modern / Contemporary
Modern and Contemporary classes are a more relaxed, free style form of dance, in which the instructor uses emotion and moods to design their own vocabulary of movement in contrast to Ballets structured code of dance. It has a deliberate use of gravity, where Ballet strives t be light and airy.

Movement with Mom
This class is an introduction to movement that is taking with an adult. Tiny students will explore basics in listening, fine, and gross motor skills with the help of dance based movement songs, fun monthly themes and obstacle courses.
This class does not perform in our Spring Showcase

Musical Theatre
A fun and exciting way to learn about Broadway musicals. Students combine the technical skills of Jazz with acting and performance abilities. Class format includes warm-up, technical across the floor progressions, acting and improv "games" and character based combinations.

This class is a continuation of Ballet. To be eligible for this class a student must have strong Ballet technique, correct body placement, proper physical qualifications and a self disciplined attitude.
A personal evaluation, plus a minimum of 2 Ballet classes weekly is required

Point Prep
Pointe Prep focuses on building the strength in both the ankles and core. This is done through extensive barre work. When the instructor feels the student is ready, they will be asked to purchase pointe shoes. Students will continue to work their proper Ballet technique, correct body placement and self disciplined attitude. When a student is strong enough some center work will be introduced. We take pride in making sure each of our students are ready for the next step. Putting students on pointe too early may cause lifelong injuries and physical damage.
This class does not perform in our Spring Showcase

Stretch & Strengthen
In this class students will be pushed to their limits in both full body stretching and strength work. From feet, to core, to head they will stretch each muscle group, push and improve their overall strength.
This class is strongly recommended for any dancer wishing to be on company.
This class does not perform in our Spring Showcase

Tap works rhythm and style. Students create rhythms with their feet, so the use of tap shoes is expected. Students will learn technical and universal Tap steps. This class like most is a very progressive style of dance, meaning a strong base is important to progress. Class format involves warming up the feet and ankles first, then doing technical and rhythmical progression and combinations.

Theatre Dance
This class is designed for students involved in the Theatre Arts that have little to no formal training in dance. They will go through the basic dance steps and terminology to help the students' confidence. The goal for this class is to help students become more comfortable with terminology and movement that they will use throughout their theatrical career.

Theatre Tech
Through this class we will be giving our student the "triple threat" of stage. Throughout the season the students will be given even amounts of acting and vocal lessons. If students are auditioning and need help to prepare, the teachers will be happy to assist them in class. They are also encouraged to take other classes, especially Musical Theatre or Theatre Dance. The Theatre Tech classes will perform both "style" in the Spring Showcase, with song and acting.

Tumble Tots
Young students will be learning the basic gymnastic skills, participating in obstacle courses and dance based movement songs. They will improve on their listening, fine, and gross motor skills while at the same time having fun.
This class does not perform in our Spring Showcase

Turns & Leaps
This class is an advanced workout in improving turns and leaps. Students will work on, analyze and try to improve on all types of turns and leaps. This class is offered to all our Junior Two and higher level classes. A minimum of one Ballet class a week is required.
This class does not perform in our Spring Showcase